Explore our solutions for recording, evaluation, representation and documentation of events in the field of traffic accidents and offences.

We offer desktop and mobile solutions for Windows™ and Android™.

Range of functions


  • GNSS measurement system (integrated via NMEA protocol or via external software)
  • Tachymeter / Theodolit
  • Tape measure / measuring wheel
  • Photos by digital camera, tablet, smartphone, drone, etc.
  • Import of digital maps (vector or pixel graphics)


  • Photogrammetric
  • Generation of true-to-scale raster images
  • georeferenced measurement results
  • Automated image rectification using coded control point marker


  • CAD optimized for the representation of events
  • Integration of various databases (vehicles, symbols and traffic signs)
  • Generation of vehicles, guidelines, zebra crossings and much more.
  • geometric aids for incision and orthogonal processes


  • Structured data storage for comprehensive event documentation
  • Automatic transfer of data, texts and images
  • Transfer of data from other devices or platforms


iPolSYS is a system for recording, evaluating and graphing off traffic accidents or crime scenes in vector or raster formats. It supports classical recordings with the tape measure (orthogonal, triangular methods, etc.) as well as measurements using GNSS systems or computer-aided theodolites. The software facilitates photogrammetric methods from evaluations to image rectification up to full-scale image mosaics.

iPolSAT supports GNSS recordings using RTK (satellite measurement method for reference and detail points) on the basis of a tablet computer and allows very accurate georeferenced results in the form of coordinates (GK or UTM). These are compatible with those from iPolSYS.

iPolFLY supports on the basis of a tablet computer an automation and GNSS-supported recording system using a drone. The results are also very accurate, georeferenced and compatible with iPolSYS.

iPolTAB combines, under a selected event name all data, pictures and text information belonging to this event in a directory. This directory is created both on the tablet computer and on an external storage medium. In both cases, iPolSYS can access the information directly and it can be used in the desired evaluation method.